TANGRAM FARM: Tile Matching Puzzle Game for STEAM learning

TANGRAM FARM: Tile Matching Puzzle Game for STEAM learning

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Tangram Farm combines the classic tile-matching memory game with Tangram puzzle solving to help players nurture cognitive development through hands-on activity. 

Tangram Farm includes:

  • 48 extra-thick cardboard tiles (60mmx60mm) featuring 24 colorful farm-inspired Tangram puzzles and solutions
  • 1 natural beech wood Tangram set (14mmx14mm) 

How to Play

Players alternate turning over two cardboard tiles to find matching tiles featuring pairs of adorable farm-inspired animals, plants, and buildings. 

Advanced players use the included natural beech wood Tangram set to build a farm design, or stretch their problem solving ability by solving a Tangram puzzle. Each colorful Tangram Farm design is formed from the same 7 Tangram pieces.

More than Just a Memory Matching Game

Tangram Farm isn't just about finding pairs of cute farmyard designsit's like sunshine for growing minds! ☀️  This design-oriented memory matching puzzle game helps STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) skills take root through hands-on play, planting seeds for a lifelong love of learning and exploration – all disguised as a fun barnyard blast! 

Tangram Farm helps your child sprout real skills for future STEM/STEAM success:

  • Spatial Reasoning and Spatial Awareness: Matching, building, and solving Tangram puzzles encourages players to visualize how shapes might fit together in a variety of different orientations and positions. This playfully involves math concepts like geometry, shapes, and surface area, while scaffolding the development of space-based critical thinking.
  • Problem Solving and Computational Thinking: Tangram puzzle sovling requires the development of both trial-and-error and logical thinking, and builds an intuition for important higher-order skills like Abstraction, Decomposition, Algorithms, and Pattern Finding. Encouraging the development of critical thinking and logical deduction prepares players to build creative solutions and tackle future challenges with confidence.
  • Creativity and Design:  As players experiment with different combinations to solve each farm puzzle, they refine their understanding of shape, form, composition, and creative problem-solving – all essential skills for future innovators! The open-ended nature of Tangrams encourages players to explore their artistic side by designing unique farmyard masterpieces of their own creation. 
  • Early Development of Cognitive and Fine Motor Skills: Matching vibrant, colorful tiles keeps players engaged, fostering the development of memory, and extended focus. Picking up and manipulating Tangram pieces strengthens hands, improves dexterity, and refines hand-eye coordination. This helps scaffold hands-on making and maker-related skills.

Moo-vellously Fun, Engaging, and Worthwhile 

Tangram Farm is an udderly farmtastic way to provide hours of entertainment while nurturing the development of creative exploration, resilience, and intellectual growth.

 An ideal choice for parents, educators, and caregivers looking to:

  • Engage Game-play to Make Learning Fun: Adorable farm animals and vibrant colors keep players engaged and eager to learn. Players receive intrinsic positive feedback from each matched pair and solved puzzle, turning playtime into a rewarding and engaging learning experience. An accompanying activity and coloring book offers even more captivating learning tools.
  • Interest All Skill-Levels: Easy to learn, and fun to master, Tangram Farm offers a variety of difficulty levels. This helps make the game a great fit for all skill-levels. With a simple matching mechanic, Tangram Farm is perfect for young children, yet offers an increasing array of satisfying challenges for more advanced players. Progress from building Tangram designs to solving Tangram puzzles of increasing complexity, and return to Tangram Farm over and over again to find new joy in the game. The durable beech wood Tangram set and extra thick cardboard tiles are crafted with high-quality, non-toxic materials for long-lasting enjoyment.
  • Nurture a Growth Mindset: Tangram Farm playfully challenges players to solve puzzles and recognize shapes, fostering creative thinking and problem-solving skills. The visual cues in the game encourage players to refine their approach until a correct solution is found. Tangrams encourage thinking "outside of the box", and promote perseverance and experimentation.
  • Encourage Screen-free Quality Time: Play Tangram Farm together, collaboratively explore puzzle solutions, or extend the potential of the game by finding teachable moments where the other player provides instructions for you to build a design. A delightful way to enjoy quality time in a group as you guide younger players through puzzle-based challenges. Celebrate their success and watch their sense of accomplishment grow! 

Give someone a gift of learning and imaginative play with Tangram Farm!

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